SenalesForex training

You can learn with our experience, the operation to trade in US500 including knowledge of daytrading strategy



Access to the course

100% Sure. 100% Private

Day trading method

You will learn the strategy to trade SenalesForex intraday

Search of chances

You will be able to find potential opportunities, just as we do

Technical analysis

You will learn to properly read the charts through the action of price and volume and to identify when institutional traders are positioning.

PRO strategies

Our PRO strategies are designed to optimize the development of your portfolio and help you increase your profits

Risk management

One of the pillars of trading is maintaining good risk management. We will teach you everything you need to know about it to manage your investments like a professional


Psychology is a fundamental part of achieving success in trading

Personalized follow-up

We will implement a direct communication system. We know how important it is that you feel accompanied and safe in each new step that you are going to take

Unlimited consultations

Ask your mentor as many times as necessary, as we will solve your doubts instantly

1- Introduction

What are indices, mindset and trading plan, the market and more …

5- Catalysts and other Concepts

What are they, insiders and institutional, short interest and low float, offering & earnings, revers split and more…

9- Platforms and Brokers

Tradingview, Webull, Degiro, order types and more…

2- Technical analysis

Japanese candles, supports and resistances, trends, indicators and more…

6- Search for opportunities

Search parameters in FINVIZ, watchlist, how to find companies in a sector and more…

10- Asset analysis

Complete financial asset analysis examples

3- Swing Strategy

Strategy Fundamentals, Swing Conditions and Patterns, 7-Step Chart Analysis and More…

7- Risk and Portfolio Management

The drawdown, diversification, fixed and monetary stop loss and more…

11- Student videos

Live videos with students in which all the fundamental concepts of the course are reviewed.

4- Day Trading Strategy

Patterns, Supernovae, real-life examples, live sessions and more …

8- Intraday Strategies

Institutional-trading strategy and retail-trading strategy (advanced) ...