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Access all the alerts with high potential that our team identifies, with complete analysis of indicators, catalysts, target price and everything you need if the investment opportunity is for you.

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In Telegram the entries in the SenalesForex index are sent

Recommended prices

All high potential assets have a recommended entry price and a target price.


Profitability objectives

The target prices indicate what is the expected return for each position

Risk management

We will teach you to correctly manage the risk in each position

Telegram alerts membership

    • Alerts Channel.

In this channel we send all the investment ideas after a great job of searching, analyzing and synthesizing the information. In each alert you will see all the information necessary to trade, such as entry point, stop loss point, profit targets. These alerts are ideas, not buy / sell recommendations on financial assets, nor should they be construed as financial advice.

    • Alert Tracking Channel.

Here we will keep track of all active alerts posted on the alerts channel. We will warn when an alert meets the target set, or on the contrary we have jumped the stop. We will also provide information on relevant news or events that may influence the share price.

    • Community.

It is a chat to talk and interact with other Pro SenalesForex Trading members.

    • Training Channel.

Channel through which we send educational content from the world SenalesForex General Index.